Victoria and Albert Museum Unveils a Cutting-Edge Expansion

Victoria and Albert Museum Unveils a Cutting-Edge Expansion

The $70 million addition to its entrance is so striking, visitors may mistake it for a temporary exhibition

Starting on Friday, visitors to the Victoria and Albert Museum, Britain's beloved repository of decorative arts, will get an unexpected lesson in cutting-edge architecture. A new courtyard entrance, with sharp angles, swoopy curves, and more than 10,000 patterned porcelain tiles, will lead visitors into the museum’s existing galleries as well as to a vast new gallery below. The project promises increased visibility after more than 30 years in practice. The New York Times said “resembles a germinating seed.”

With the $70 million addition, to prove that bold and contextual can coexist. Passing through the museum's new gates on Exhibition Road, “the world's first all-porcelain public courtyard.” It is nothing like the museum’s familiar red-brick campus. This project explain it, design makes clear references to the original V&A buildings. Sometimes the references seem gimmicky (the new gates repeat patterns of shrapnel damage left on the building during World War II). But most of the decisions are sound. Moving through the spaces, one not only enjoys the world created but also finds new vantage points for appreciating the museum's architectural heritage.

Per essere insostituibili bisogna sempre essere diverso.
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