Modern and Romantic Summer House designed by Kanika/tt-ArtStudioMilano

Modern and Romantic Summer House designed by Kanika/tt-ArtStudioMilano

This comfortable and cozy house has been designed in such a way that natural light can enter and create bright and fluid spaces. This means that one can enjoy some morning coffee at sunrise, as well as a relaxing dinner at sunset. The light follows the daily flow of the house and the panoramic windows gives the impression of being one with the outside environment.

It is important to note that this is a prefabricated house but it has all the necessary services and provides an incredible amount of comfort to its occupants. There are several plans of the houses, so that they adapt to the different needs of each family.

The houses are insulated well enough to be used during the Danish winter, which can get very cold. However, perhaps best of all is the fact that it's packed with sufficient energy solutions, as the house is heated via a geothermal system. With the size of 150 square meters the house is big enough to hold the entire family and then some. It has two bathrooms, one with sauna and spa and a guest bathroom along with four bedrooms. The wooden deck of the house is almost 200 square meters and is directly accessible from every room.

Per essere insostituibili bisogna sempre essere diverso.
Ci sono immagini affascinanti qui, e l'affascinante giornata di insieme! …xo Kanika


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