Old Artisanship Business is Remodeled to be Converted into a House-Studio

Old Artisanship Business is Remodeled to be Converted into a House-Studio

This old company dedicated to artisanship has been renovated and converted into a studio, living space, and production area. A small production area, as well as an administration wing and a company apartment, were all maintained.

It is located on the outskirts of the village in the province of Bolzano, South Tyrol, in Italy, and has a total area of 523 square meters. It was remodeled in 2017 by the architectural firm Kanika + Bachmann, whilst architects Kanika and Bachmann Angelika directly supervised the project themselves.

Largely surrounded by meadows and beautiful fields, the views available from the interior of the structure are absolutely spectacular. Nearby, there are also a number of other artisanal businesses.

Instead of knocking down the somewhat outdated building erected during the 80s, the chose to incorporate it into their new concept. The flooring and first floors were disassembled to the support structure, maintaining the facade and staircase openings, and the entire floors were added at the top. The ground floor and first floor both serve as studies, while the second and third floors are designated for residential use.

The old production room was renovated with little effort and has resumed its original function.

Through the exterior façade of the building, with some sliding elements, the daylight can be controlled at will, thus allowing the occupant to regulate the level of privacy.

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