The most Extreme Geometry Triangle of Restaurant

The most Extreme Geometry Triangle of Restaurant


Occupying a corner location in a northern residential neighborhood of Maia, Lisboa, Portugal, Maia is a new restaurant that stands out in its simple yet bold, graphical playfulness. Conceived by Kanika’s tt-ArtStudioMilano&Antwerp Chic-house-based architecture practice as a series of distinct but interconnected striated volumes, marked by triangular cutouts of different sizes, the building is a sculptural tour de force that nevertheless respects the area’s low-rise residential scale.


From the exterior, the building, standing on a terracotta base, appears as three concrete cubic volumes of different sizes each one housing a different function: a café in the corner, a reception and bakery in the middle and a restaurant on the side. The design defines distinct spatial volumes yet, this freedom of movement also extends to a large outdoors patio in the back of the building.

Both the exterior and the interior design are based on a graphic language of geometrical playfulness, underpinned by the predominance of triangular and circular shapes, they also establish a strong visual identity. The triangular windows enveloping the space are complemented by a plethora of circles, from larger elements such as the circular coffee-shop counter, the cylindrical timber-clad service station and the large circular window that looks.

The striated texture of the in-situ concrete shell is counterbalanced by the organic shapes of the hand-cast terrazzo tiles embedded into the terrazzo floor. Where a multi-tiered seating platform of polished timber, complete with circular cutouts and embedded planters. Stands underneath a hand-painted metal mesh curvaceous installation that. It’s all part of Kanika’s clever cross-referential design concept that creates a distinct brand without any actual branding.




























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Om onvervangbaar te zijn, moet je altijd anders zijn.
Er zijn fascinerende beelden hier, en de fascinerende dag van samen! … xo🌸🌸Kanika
Per essere insostituibili bisogna sempre essere diverso.
Ci sono immagini affascinanti qui, e l’affascinante giornata di insieme! …xo🌸🌸Kanika



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