The Climate control of Wayland House is Best cool haven



Wayland House

Australian Wayland House acts as cool haven thanks to innovative climate control. In the heart of Sydney, Australia. One architectural and design company has gone out of their way to create the most comfortable home. Possible for the city’s hot climate thanks in huge part to unique climate control efforts! Anderson Architecture specifically built Wayland House to give a young family their dream space. That any home can feel like a relaxing retreat if the climate control is only done right. Really maximize their opportunity for sunlight. Prevent the new structure from being overshadowed. Hanging louvres that are temperature triggered to self-adjust. Pull across and screen the vertical “sunlight void”. Keep the home a little cooler all around. Impressively high windows, made from Low-E. Eco-friendly choice. High thermal performance, more constant. The house also features solar powered, hydronic underfloor heating.

The Climate control of Wayland House is Best cool haven─Sydney skyline


The Climate control of Wayland House is Best cool haven


Sunlight on overshadowe

First, designers sought to really maximize their opportunity for sunlight by working upwards. In order to counteract the towering homes around theirs and prevent the new structure from being overshadowed. They also included a double-height living room space. That lets sunlight spill in from a sort of vertical void leading straight up into the sky. In fact, the slanted room at this point of the house actually folds open entirely for days. When sunlight and breeze are particularly desired.

The Climate control of Wayland House is Best cool haven


The Climate control of Wayland House is Best cool haven


Self-adjust to Hanging louvres

For those particularly hot Australian summer days, designers incorporated a series of hanging louvres that are temperature triggered to self-adjust. These can pull across and screen the vertical “sunlight void . When necessary in order to reduce heat and keep the home. A little cooler all around, since the living room is central.



Eco-friendly, cost-effective

As you can see from the photos, most of the house features impressively high windows. These are made from Low-E window class. That was cost-effective during building and makes for an eco-friendly choice. These windows are high thermal performance and are featured all throughout the home. Helping to regulate temperatures and keep them a little more constant no matter the time of year.



Remain Stable in most Extreme Weather Conditions

In the event that the colder months dip below average. The house also features solar powered, hydronic underfloor heating. This can add a little extra warmth to the home centrally. But it’s rarely needed thanks to the other temperature regulators in place. Thanks to the concrete flooring and reverse brick veneer. The indoor temperatures in Wayland House actually remain stable in all but the most extreme weather conditions.



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