The Building Becomes the Scenery which is Forcibly shown to Someone



The building becomes the scenery which is forcibly shown to someone, house where scenery flows. Panorama House is located in Geumhogang Riverside, Bangchon-dong, Daegu.
The corner plot where two roads intersect is wide open to the riverside. For residents, the openness of this site is the perfect condition for bringing in the scenery of Riverside inside the house.
For neighbors walking along the riverside, it’s a great chance to see the change of the building while walking along the riversideAlso, it would be completely different to observe the building in a height of river bank and on a road.



The Building Becomes the Scenery which is Forcibly shown to Someone, House Shere Wcenery Flows

For neighbors walking along the riverside, it’s a great chance to see the change of the building while walking along the riverside. Also, it would be completely different to observe the building in a height of river bank and on a road.

Every house faces the river. The height of the window is adjusted so that the scenery observed from inside the house would feel like a widely spread panorama. Also, the linear pattern is emphasized in the exterior so that the scenery would flow along with the road and river.

In addition, sequential lines are created by laying concrete blocks with different sides along with the exposed concrete. Like origami, the pitched roof is pointed toward various directions and the points seem to be overlapped when observed by the people walking along the riverside.

That provides 3-dimensional effects to the building. Also, the pitched roof pointing toward various directions provide a sense of formation in the inner space.







Material Becomes Scenery

The building becomes the scenery which is forcibly shown to someone. As a part of the scenery, the building is seen once a day or every moment.

When neighbors walk along the nearby river bank, they get tired of the same scenery.
Most small buildings composing the town are decorated with various materials and colors to break the monotony. That’s how the buildings are mixed with monotony and disorder.

A new house in a town needs to be composed of one material while creating various sceneries. In response, ‘High-Strength Concrete Blocks’ are used as the main materials for composing the house.
This single concrete material mainly composes the wall around the house. This concrete material shows a slightly different texture depending on the angle.

The horizontal classification method shows the material as it is in each area while the wall is built up based on the meticulous calculation process. The meticulous process and efforts will provide pleasing monotony to people looking at the building.





Houses come Through the Screen wall to Create

4 lessors households and 1 tenant household will be living in the house where scenery flows. The living rooms of all houses face the scenery of Geumhogang Riverside. Also, the concrete blocks wall creates a screen and it prevents people from walking in the river bank from peeping into the house.

During the night time, the lights from the houses come through the screen wall to create completely new scenery. Also, the highest floor of the building has a maximum floor height. The inner space shows high floor height and roof shape for a new experience.

The change in short light and shadow gets reflected in the white wall and ceiling of various angles along time seasonal and time change.
The scenery changing every moment becomes the background of an affluent life.


























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