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Get Some Last-Minute Halloween Inspiration with 'Nymph'

The image for Halloween 2015 Lookbook
With run Halloween for away, let this lookbook serve as some last-minute costume inspiration. The known for its bohemian inspired looks, and this recent shoot showcases outfits perfect for a nymph costume, with the model even wearing elfin ears.
Ethereal white dresses, flower crowns and furry jackets are perfectly light and airy while dark fairy looks are channeled with embroidered tops in black. For beauty, a dark or pink lip color is paired with carefree waves, ideal for the natural surroundings.


Foto da Kanika, tt-ArtStudio-Milano. Vi auguro una buona giornata … xo Kanika♥ !!

01halloween_nymph 02halloween_nymph 03halloween_nymph 04halloween_nymph 05halloween_nymph 06halloween_nymph 07halloween_nymph 08halloween_nymph 09halloween_nymph 10halloween_nymph 11halloween_nymph 12halloween_nymph 13halloween_nymph 14halloween_nymph 15halloween_nymph 16halloween_nymph 17halloween_nymph 18halloween_nymph 19halloween_nymph 20halloween_nymph 21halloween_nymph 22halloween_nymph 23halloween_nymph 24halloween_nymph 25halloween_nymph 26halloween_nymph 27halloween_nymph 28halloween_nymph 29halloween_nymph 30halloween_nymph 31halloween_nymph 32halloween_nymph 33halloween_nymph 34halloween_nymph 35halloween_nymph 36halloween_nymph 37halloween_nymph 38halloween_nymph 39halloween_nymph




Happy Weekend 
have a nice weekend,  xo Kanika

40halloween_nymph 41halloween_nymph 42halloween_nymph 43halloween_nymph 44halloween_nymph 45halloween_nymph 46halloween_nymph 47halloween_nymph 48halloween_nymph

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