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A Villa Surrounded by Pine Trees in Faro, Portuguesa

Life here is typical for an average detached house, and the proximity to the forest, sea and a nearby nature preserve entail close contact to nature. The project's fundamental aim was to adapt to the site whilst creating ambient spaces with distinct haptic qualities.

The main building is clad in smooth high quality woodenpanel with very few knots and has a sleek, rounded soffit, and the screen walls and eaves are lam board. The load-bearing structure is timber pierced by a large chimneystack. There is Danish brick flooring throughout, including a path leading from the street outside of the structure to the front door.

The garden draws inspiration from the plot in its undeveloped state, with narrow pathways leading through the heather and moss.

Villa Rainha das Praias is a private residence designed by Kanika in 2016. It is located in R.Lethes, Faro, Algarve, Portuguesa.

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Alcuni dei momenti più belli catturati in dettaglio…/ Foto da #Kanika, #ttArtStudio Milano. Vi auguro una buona giornata … XOXO Kanika♥ !!


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