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ttArtStudioarquitectura Creates a Contemporary Glass Home in Ceccano City

The house consists of two separate very geometric concrete volumes, one housing services and the other housing the main areas of the house. The two bodies are joined by steel bridges with glass floors that do not touch the trees or the forest, and give the sensation of walking on the vegetation.

The volumes are very closed to the outside and almost entirely open to the gardens and terraces facing south and east to capture all the sunlight on the terraces, therefore we designed a design aluminum sunshades and we have some shaded living areas outdoors.

The clients always trusted us and gave us total freedom for all designs, making the process very smooth and fast. We can say that is one of the very few projects that we have developed in which absolutely nothing changed from the first draft to the final construction.

The home is located in city Ceccano, Frosinone of Italiana and covers an area of 10,764 square feet.

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Alcuni dei momenti più belli catturati in dettaglio…/ Foto da #Kanika, #ttArtStudioMilano. Vi auguro una buona giornata … XOXO Kanika♥ !! 
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