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The Walls and Vaults House by KANIKA architects

The modest brief called for a restrained single storey residence for a family of six that included the client's parents as well as their kids. The project sits in a location that experience contrasting climatic situations with long heavy monsoons and scorching sun during the remaining months. This helped
model the core design principles for this project.

The layout consist of two primary linear bays of vaulted rooms that are separated by a partly open to sky landscaped court in the centre, containing a connecting passage, that runs throughout the entire length in it. Two enclosed open to sky landscaped courts abut the primary bays on its external sides respectively.

Most of the externally visible walls are built with locally sourced granite in a masonry technique used locally. These stone walls that enclose open to sky landscaped courts, acts as thermal barriers while providing necessary privacy to the desired spaces resulting in a well protected house with comfortable
interior spaces both in the punishing rain and the burning sun.

Unique Style Film (Uncensored) 

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