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Kanika Design a Lovely 12-Home Community in Trieste, Italiana

This community consists of 12 units of single family houses that share the same garden area, each one with its own terrace, which allows them to be integrated and yet preserve their own individual privacy. Located in Trieste, Italiana, the complex was designed by the architectural firm Kanika in 2017. It covers an area of 1,220 square meters, which not only includes the houses, but also a beautiful internal garden.

The center courtyard makes it easy for residents to walk from one house to another, which facilitates the interaction between neighbors.

In its exterior, beautiful wooden walls with supports in black steel give form to the structure.

Per essere insostituibili bisogna sempre essere diverso.
Ci sono immagini affascinanti qui, e l'affascinante giornata di insieme!
…xo Kanika