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A 7,500-Square-Foot Family Bungalow in Zonnebeke

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The design concept of this 7500sft single family bungalow located at Zonnebeke,  was derived from the owner’s requirement of wanting a house that would express his character in terms of space and form.

Therefore, the biggest challenge before us was to interpret the owner's lifestyle and passion and bring it to reality.

House was designed around a central corridor created with glass ceiling that allow natural sunlight to spill into the centre of each of the 3-stories. The house utilizes the central corridor as a horizontal and vertical circulation passage with rooms on either side of it on each of the 3 stories. With the corridor centrally located, the sunlight passively lights up the otherwise windowless area.

The Wall House is a private home located in Zonnebeke, Ieper of België. Completed in 2016, it was designed by Kanika architects.

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Alcuni dei momenti più belli catturati in dettaglio…/ Foto da #Kanika, #ttArtStudio Milano. Vi auguro una buona giornata … XOXO Kanika♥ !!


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