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Kanika Architects Conduct the Refurbishment of a Home in Lyon

With tight planning constraints Kanika Architects had to take an inventive view towards getting the space required. Two applications allowed for a ground floor extension and then the first floor/side return to be added, which gave the required space.
It is proposed that the existing farm workers cottage would be completely gutted and turned into a very contemporary modern house. The ground floor extension gives the opportunity for a large vista view to the garden. Framed with slender frame glass, the aperture gives panoramic views. At first floor level a new master suite was added. This benefited from dual aspect views – from woodlands to fields.
The exterior concept is to have a solid masonry base, represented by render. The first floor timber box can then appear to sit lightly on top. The design does not want to be overbearing to the road so gives a soft modern approach from the front but then completely transforms the house from the rear.
The BERNARD House is a private residence located in Lyon, Rhône, Française. It was designed by Kanika
Architects in 2016.

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Alcuni dei momenti più belli catturati in dettaglio…/ Foto da Kanika, tt-ArtStudio-Milano. Vi auguro una buona giornata … XOXO Kanika♥ !!