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The Villa for holidays that is designed like eastern paradise

Architect Kanika designed the home as a series of Japanese/Scandinavian pavilions, Bali-based designer Linda Garland introduced Indonesian elements compound, centered on two koi ponds, consists of a main living area, a writer’s cottage, and an artist's studio. 

Other standout features include an outdoor dining pavilion and a guest pavilion with a bamboo ceiling, this 6.2-acre grounds have intricately landscaped tropical gardens and an infinity pool. Stats: 5 Bedrooms, 5 Baths

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#Si tratta di I, arte, moda e immagini di artisti e immagine mi piace.
Alcuni dei momenti più belli catturati in dettaglio…/ Foto da #Kanika, #ttArtStudioMilano. Vi auguro una buona giornata … XOXO Kanika♥ !!


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